sam & paige’s wedding {kyneton, malmsbury macedon ranges wedding photographer}

Little touches can make all the difference with weddings and Paige poured everything she had into creating the perfect little touches for her wedding to Sam last month in Kyneton. It made the day feel so warm, welcoming and personal.

My day started with Paige before the wedding at Mollison’s Boutique Hotel in Kyneton which provided a stunning backdrop my my gorgeous bride, her beautiful bridesmaids, family and of course- all those gorgeous details. We then made our way to the church where guests were welcomed with booklets but also hankies ‘for happy tears’. Who knew nearly everyone would need them!?! I should have grabbed one myself because it was one of the most emotional ceremonies I had witnessed. I think it was mostly because Paige cried for the majority of the ceremony and I also spotted Sam tearing up as Paige and her Dad walked down the aisle to meet him. Paige’s younger brother Buzz was obviously moved by the whole thing- poor little man- and his other sister wasn’t having any empathy for him whatsoever! There was music intervals played by Sam’s Dad and also by Paige’s cousins which added to the personal feel on the entire ceremony.

We headed for the old wedding cars which are owned by Paige’s grandfather and uncle which was a great personal touch and also looked fabulous. We popped in to the famous Piper St Kyneton for a couple of quick pics before heading to Bleak House Malmsbury where guests were enjoying some old fashioned games and eating caramel popcorn whilst we took some more photos. I managed to nab a cone of popcorn and it was sooo delicious- apparently it’s Paige’s Mum’s secret recipe.

The wander around the gardens of Bleak House was fabulous for all of our photos. Such diversity and a photographers paradise. Helps having a gorgeous couple to photograph too!

The room where the reception was held was fully decked out- including a Chocolate Bar full of goodies for guests to enjoy and a display put together showing past weddings on both sides of their families. There was even a couple of bridal gowns on show which belonged to Paige’s Great Grandmother. It made me wonder in a few generations from now if Paige’s wedding dress will be on display at her great granddaughter’s wedding- what a lovely thought that is.

I just love the feel of this wedding and you may even get some ideas to use for your own special day.

Congrats to Paige and Sam- may you always be so blissfully in love.


Elise xo.

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